What family activities are there to do locally?

Sunset Beach offers a wide array of unique activities for all ages. Visit our Things to do and Events pages for a complete list of local activities.

Is there a boat ramp in Sunset Beach where I can launch my boat, kayak or Jet Skis?

Sunset Beach’s ramp is located on the mainland at the end of Sunset Blvd North. It is three blocks north of the roundabout and located adjacent to Twin Lakes Restaurant. The ramp is available to the public at no charge.

Do vacationers need a fishing license to fish?

Anyone 16 years or older must have a NC Coastal Fishing License to fish off the coast of NC. This includes fishing from the beach, Intracoastal Waterway and marsh areas. Fishing from the Sunset Beach pier does not require a license a they have a commercial license to cover you. To purchase a license or for more details visit NCWildlife.org.

What is a rip current?

A strong, narrow surface current that flows rapidly away from the shore, returning the water carried landward by waves. Rip currents form when water that has piled up along a shore due to wind and waves suddenly returns to deeper waters.

For more information regarding rip currents visit Wikipedia and the Town of Sunset Beach pages or tune in to our local weather station.

What do I do in case of a hurricane?

Hurricane season is from June 1st until November 30th. Please check out the following sites for more detailed information regarding preparedness and instructions.

What are some important numbers?

Sunset Beach Town Hall: 579-6297
Sunset Beach Police Department: 910-579-2151
Sunset Beach Fire Department: 910-579-2456
Atlantic Telephone: 910-754-4311
Brunswick Electric: 910-754-4391
Brunswick County Emergency Management: 910-253-2565

Are fireworks and laser pointers allowed on the beach?

Fireworks of any kind are prohibited by the state of NC. Sunset Beach police and residents monitor this carefully. Sparklers and laser pointers are prohibited as well.

Are dogs allowed on the beach?

Dogs are allowed on the beach on the Friday before Memorial Day through Labor Day. Dogs are not allowed between the hours of 8am-6pm and must be kept on a leash at all times. Pet owners are required to remove feces and dispose of in the trash receptacles.

Am I allowed to play on the dunes?

You must refrain from playing on the dunes. They are there to help protect us from storms and are a nesting place for turtles. Please remain on the walkways when crossing the dunes.

Are we allowed to have glass bottles on the beach?

Plastic containers and cans are the only thing allowed on the beach. Glass bottles are prohibited for your safety.

Can we drive on the beach?

Motor vehicles are not allowed on the beach. Only emergency and official vehicles are allowed on the beach.

Is surfing allowed at the beach?

Surfing is allowed however is not allowed from 5th street to 32nd street.

May we kayak from the beach?

Yes you me launch a kayak. Motorized watercraft is not allowed to launch from the beach.

May we camp on the beach?

Camping or sleeping on the beach after dark is not allowed. Bonfires, gas grills or charcoal is not allowed on the beach at all times.

May we dig holes in the sand?

You may dig holes but we ask that you please refill them before leaving for the protection of other visitors and our turtles. Should you dig holes, they should not exceed 18n inches in depth or 5 ft. with-in width.

May we have a tent on the beach?

Yes you are allowed tents on the beach but they may not be larger than 12×12. Tie down anchors must be places inside the tent. Tents must be at least be 10 feet apart and must be at least 12 feet from the dune line and within 12 ft. from that line parallel to the dune line. Place tents beyond the 12 ft. Emergency Access Lane and outside an 84ft perimeter of a public or emergency access point.

Can we get married on the beach?

Sunset Beach welcomes you to have your ceremony on the beach and does not require you to have a permit. Please remember you may not restrict pedestrian or emergency vehicular traffic. Please remember glass is prohibited on the beach.

May we use chairs for the ceremony?

Yes, you may use chairs however, they need to be removed before sunset.

May we get married at the Gazebo?

You may get married at the gazebo however. The gazebo may not be rented so please remember it is public beach entry and folks may need to use it.

May we use decorations for the gazebo?

Yes, you may use decorations for the gazebo but they may not use lights or candles of any kind for public safety.

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