Spiritquest Healing Center, 6649 Beach Drive SW, Ocean Isle Beach, NC.

When you enter our Salt Sanctuary you will immediately notice how crisp and clean the air is.  You will feel the salt beneath your feet (3000 lbs of Himalayan Salt, to be exact).  Lighted salt panels on the wall will illuminate the path to your zero gravity chair. There you will find a soft blanket  to wrap yourself in.  In the holder on the side of the chair you will also find a heart shape Himalayan salt rock which you may hold in your hand or place on your stomach during the session.  As you lie back in your chair soft music will begin playing through the Bose sound system, a low relaxing hum will let you know that the halo-generator has begun gently disbursing tiny salt participles into the air.  You will close your eyes and allow your body to relax, your mind to quiet and your spirit to soar.

Why not just go to the beach?
Great question! The ocean, since the dawning of time, has been a therapeutic resource for many. We agree!!! And, have enjoyed its many benefits. Wet ocean salt, however, is much different than Dry Salt Therapy found in salt rooms hence the massive appeal. First of all, the salt in the air by the beach is not dry, it is moist and wet. The salt that is in the air is due to the evaporation process from the ocean. Once a salt particle becomes even slightly saturated, it can no longer be absorbent. One of the main characteristics of halotherapy is using dry salt, which is super absorbent. Therefore, if a salt particle is already saturated, like those by the beach and ocean, you cannot receive the benefit of inhaling dry salt. The inhaled dry salt, which is a primary principle of halotherapy, acts like a super absorbent sponge that attracts and pulls out the mucous, allergens and foreign substances that get trapped in our respiratory system. Given that salt is water soluble, this is then transported and passed through our waste system.

There are benefits to inhaling saturated salt but the concentration levels by the beach are very small in contrast to the salt concentration in a salt room. In addition, the crushing and movement of the waves of the salt water creates more negative ions in the immediate surrounding atmosphere and provides a better sense of well-being. Lastly, many people receive benefits from being in the salt water where the saline provides healing to the skin.

We can understand that salt room facilities reference being by the ocean as a metaphor for the healing benefits for halotherapy, but there is a distinct difference between wet/moist salt therapy and dry salt therapy and they are unrelated.  * Above information provided by the Salt Therapy Association   https://www.salttherapyassociation.org

What is Dry Salt Therapy?
Dry salt therapy, also called halotherapy, is a therapeutic and 100% natural, drug-free and non-invasive treatment. It is very beneficial for overall wellness by removing the toxicity from the respiratory system, improving the function and appearance of the skin as well as boosting the immune system.

Halotherapy is a method of inhaling pure, dry micronized salt air particles. These particles reach the deepest area of the lungs absorbing bacteria and pollutants and providing an anti-inflammatory and cleansing effect. This process supports and strengthens the body’s immune system by eliminating toxins and allergens that are trapped within the mucus lining of the respiratory system.

What are the overall benefits halotherapy?

Boost immune system
Reduce stress
Aid better sleep
Cleanse and detox the lungs
Reduce symptoms of allergies, asthma, and respiratory issues
Clear pollens, pollutants, toxins and viral causing agents from lungs and nasal tracts
Increases lung capacity and oxygen intake
Enhance sport performance / improve physical endurance
Reduce snoring
Invigorate the entire body
Improve skin conditions: Psoriasis, itching, Eczema, swelling & inflammation Dermatitis, Rosacea, Acne, rashes & skin aging

Is there research that shows the benefits of halotherapy?
Thousands of patients have been successfully treated by salt therapy. There is substantial research that has been conducted in many places including hospitals, clinics, research laboratories, and medical centers around the world. Most notably the majority of research has been conducted where salt therapy has been being utilized and where the products are developed such as Estonia, Russia, Finland, Hungary, Romania, Germany, Austria and Poland. Today, there are current studies occurring in the United States as well as other places further validate the science behind this type of therapy.

When should halotherapy be avoided?
Halotherapy is recognized as safe and effective wellness practice for preventive and restorative health care. It is not a medical treatment and does not offer a cure! Halotherapy is not recommended for people with contagious diseases, fever, open wounds, cancer, severe hypertension, mental disorders, intoxication, and active tuberculosis. Pregnant women should consult with their doctor before using halotherapy. Anyone with serious health concerns need to seek proper medical advice and care. Pleased be advised that in order to maximize the room benefits, several inches of salt crystals have been layered onto the floor and may prevent those less mobile from utilizing the room. If you have a concern, please call before booking your appointment. Sorry smokers are not allowed in the Salt Sanctuary.

I’m convinced!!! How do I set up an appointment time?
Book Now  If you need any assistance, please do not hesitate to call Lisa Ann (910)444-2229.